Tahquamenon Falls Brewery & Pub - Upper Michigan Restaurant and Brewery
The beautiful Tahquamenon Falls Brewery & Pub invites you to come and experience a spectacular brewery with fine dining and rustic charm. A special place that echoes the Tahquamenon Falls and surrounding forest.
A fine selection of Micro Brewed Beers and Gourmet Foods will tantalize your tastes. This pristine wilderness harbors a variety of wildlife, The Tahquamenon Falls, and a place that only nature could inspire, The Tahquamenon Falls Brewery & Pub.  Guests of the Upper Michigan Restaurant and Brewery will also have the opportunity to experience our large Camp 33 deck with fireplace and the Camp 33 Gift Shop.

Visitors come from all over the world to experience the distinctive quality of our Porcupine Pale Ale, Wild Forest Mushrooms, & Fruit of the Forest Pie, just to name a few.

Pictured here is the restaurant's Executive Cook, Chef David. Schooled in the Culinary Arts, Chef David leads the force in your fine dining experience.

Fresh Whitefish, Fresh Lake Superior Whitefish, Locally Caught Whitefish
Our famous and locally caught Whitefish will fill your vacation with a fantastic food experience.

Each meal is carefully prepared with fresh herbs, spices, and garnished with vegetables. 

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The Setting
The rustic decor follows the foresight of it's founders, Jack and Mimi Barrett, grandparents of the current owners. The surrounding State Park and Camp 33 echo these visions and together bring an experience for all to enjoy.  Visitors experience a place that is warm, beautiful, charming, and historical.

Micro Brewed Beers
Upper Michigan Brewery is unique.  The rustic long bar and micro brewery equipment tempt your interest immediately.  Our micro brewed beers are available in lovely collectible 1/2 gallon bottles featuring our logo. We are committed to making your visit a great experience!

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Tahquamenon Facts
The Tahquamenon River was made famous in the Longfellow poem Hiawatha. According to Indian lore, the origin of the name Tahquamenon is attributed to the water's amber color. It is the largest waterfall east of the Mississippi, second in size to Niagara.

Wild Weekend Adventures Network at the Tahquamenon Falls
Byron Goggin and the Wild Weekend crew venture to Michigans Upper Peninsula to see the Tahquamenon falls in the winter time. An unbelievable adventure that few have experienced.

Lark Ludlow, owner of the Tahquamenon Falls Brewery and Pub discusses the history, the lore, and the seasons surrounding the Tahquamenon Falls.  Please visit the Tahquamenon Falls History page to learn more about Jack and Mimi Barrett's vision for the falls.

Open all seasons, the Tahquamenon Brewery and Pub welcomes spring, summer, fall, and winter enthusiasts. Snowmobilers love riding right into the park to walk down to the Tahquamenon Falls. They warm up at the pub and enjoy a wide variety of drinks, entrees, and warmth of the fire.

The Brewery and Pub is opened all seasons. We do however close in the late fall and early spring. Please call ahead for these dates do change year to year.

Come visit the Tahquamenon Falls!